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Harajuku Taproom

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Harajuku Taproom

With its roots in Tokyo, Japan – Harajuku Taproom is the first of this new chain in the United States. The design draws its influence from the original taproom in Tokyo while referencing the tradition of al fresco dining and imbibing Southern California style.

The interior design is also influenced by the artistry of Japanese sake barrels and the richness of multiple species of natural wood.  These strong materials such as rough-hewn stone and Shou Sugi Ban charred wood add another layer of texture to the space. Existing blown glass lighting was incorporated into a centerpiece and artwork recreating the Japanese Baird Beer labels adorn the walls. A custom “live edge” walnut communal table marks the heart of the space with a unique touch.

DeWees Design completed this project in collaboration with Shelley Sivak of SIS Studios.

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