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Accessory Dwelling Units (A.D.U.'s) and Additions, m+g Design
CITY OF ORANGE                               A.D.U. GUIDELINES

DeWees Design was chosen by the City of Orange Community Development – Planning Division as a consultant to help develop the City’s A.D.U. (Accessory Dwelling Units) Guidelines.  Through a series of potential Site Plan configurations as well as corresponding 3-D images, the A.D.U. Guidelines will serve as the design guidelines for the development of these types of projects throughout the City of Orange.  Donnie DeWees has drawn on his experience as a member of the City of Orange Design Review Committee from 2003 – 2008.

The generation and eventual implementation of the City of Orange A.D.U. Guidelines were prompted by the passage of AB-881 And AB-68 by the State of California that took effect in January of 2020.  These guidelines are intended to generate work-force housing throughout the State of California in order to ease the housing shortage that has plagued our state for decades.   The City of Orange hopes to implement these A.D.U. Guidelines in the spring of 2021.