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Cast Commissary

Restaurants and Food Service
Cast Commissary

The Westside Diner is a “back-of-house” cast commissary consisting of a food service facility and support kitchen on the ground floor and a 2,000 square foot “flex-space” on the second floor. A richly landscaped outdoor dining area occupies the west side of the site. The project began as a series of conceptual designs to determine the feasibility of the facility. A thorough analysis of multiple constructions methodologies was explored.


The resulting building was constructed from concrete masonry units in order to give the exterior of the building a durable quality given its location in the back of house portion of the theme park. The rich earth-toned red masonry was augmented by the use of glass block accents and colored steel canopies and railings.

cast-commissary-1 cast-commissary-2
cast-commissary-3 cast-commissary-4 cast-commissary-5