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Cal State Northridge PPM Administration Building

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Cal State Northridge PPM Administration Building

The CSUN PPM project consists of the Master Planning of the existing four acre Physical Plant site and the facility design for a 8,400 S.F. Administration Building, a 6,400 S.F. Auto/Grounds building and a 8,700 S.F. Postal/Receiving/Custodial building.

The Master Planning and Facility design process was conducted through a week-long “Charrette” process which involved meeting with the administration staff as well as the user group of the other departments of the physical plant each day. The Master Plan and the preliminary design of each of the building were determined within the week-long time frame.

The basic concept behind the Master Plan was to push the buildings to the perimeter of the site allowing for a small exterior courtyard for the administration building and a central “yard” for the support buildings.

The design concept for the Administration Building was to define the northwest corner of the site as the “anchor” of the northwest of the entire campus. The building is conceived as an extension of the perimeter wall of the physical plant, thus the use of CMU for the building. Light monitors and clerestory windows, placed in strategic parts of the building, allow natural light to fill the interior spaces. The design of the support buildings was done as simply and economically as possible, thus the use of tilt-up concrete construction and very simple building massing and articulation.

Donnie DeWees designed this project while an Associate and Project Design Director for a previous firm.

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